I swear finding something good to eat that fits my CICO and macro goals feels like such a big accomplishment. It’s like finishing a 1000pc puzzle and the picture actually turns out right. 


Peeling off a sports bra after an arms/shoulders/back workout should be allowed to be classified as a workout in itself. 


My tolerance for weed has plummeted since starting. Only takes me one hit to get blazed for the rest of the evening now lol.

On one hand, it’s awesome because my weed will last even longer but on the other hand, if I smoke before bed, I either wake up still high or I feel groggy so I may need to limit it to earlier in the day on weekends when I’m able to really enjoy it more.

Also… the munchies. The munchies are so much worse lol.

Time to start over…

I’m now 7 days in on my journey to turning my life and fitness around. I’ve been overweight for nearly as long as I can remember – I was even chubby as a kid.

I’m definitely not proud of it but I have heart disease and diabetes in my family history. You’d think that’d be enough for me to want to get in shape but for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had tried diets here and there and even worked with a personal trainer for a few months once. Nothing really stuck long-term, though. Maybe it was a lack of willpower… a sense of hopelessness, perhaps… it might have been the lack of a truly reliable support system… I guess I just wasn’t ready to stop making excuses. I’m ready now.

I committed to trying the Whole30 diet with a couple friends at work, making a lifestyle change for the better, and getting my health back on track. I reached out to a friend that is now a professional fitness trainer/coach and asked him for his help as well. You’ll likely see a number of videos, quotes, and tips from him if you follow my blog as he serves as a cornerstone in my journey.

I’m only a week in but I already feel more rested and energized during the day, less bloated, more positive, and motivated to keep going and actually make this stick this time. I have a whopping 9 stone to lose and I know the journey isn’t going to be easy and I know that some days, I’m going to hate it and want to give in but I’m also hoping that writing about it as I go will help me get through it.