Peeling off a sports bra after an arms/shoulders/back workout should be allowed to be classified as a workout in itself. 


Coconut aminos

I’ve been craving soy sauce really bad lately so I sought out an alternative and learned about coconut aminos. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but got a bottle of Coconut Secret’s regular coconut aminos and a bottle of their garlic sauce to try. I used them to make ground turkey patties as a test run and they turned out absolutely delicious!

Time to start over…

I’m now 7 days in on my journey to turning my life and fitness around. I’ve been overweight for nearly as long as I can remember – I was even chubby as a kid.

I’m definitely not proud of it but I have heart disease and diabetes in my family history. You’d think that’d be enough for me to want to get in shape but for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I had tried diets here and there and even worked with a personal trainer for a few months once. Nothing really stuck long-term, though. Maybe it was a lack of willpower… a sense of hopelessness, perhaps… it might have been the lack of a truly reliable support system… I guess I just wasn’t ready to stop making excuses. I’m ready now.

I committed to trying the Whole30 diet with a couple friends at work, making a lifestyle change for the better, and getting my health back on track. I reached out to a friend that is now a professional fitness trainer/coach and asked him for his help as well. You’ll likely see a number of videos, quotes, and tips from him if you follow my blog as he serves as a cornerstone in my journey.

I’m only a week in but I already feel more rested and energized during the day, less bloated, more positive, and motivated to keep going and actually make this stick this time. I have a whopping 9 stone to lose and I know the journey isn’t going to be easy and I know that some days, I’m going to hate it and want to give in but I’m also hoping that writing about it as I go will help me get through it.